Golf Academy Information

Luna Vista Golf Academy

The Instruction staff at Luna Vista is available for private lessons, groups as well as Get Golf Ready 1 and 2 classes throughout the year. Brooks Muse and Leah Berst are the intructors associated with the facility.  Private lessons are booked with the individual instructor. Contact information is available on the intstructor page on this website or call 214-670-6322.  We look forward to the opportunity to help your golf.


Player Development Opportunities

( Starting Back Up August 15th )
Adult Clinic - Saturday - at 9am-10am: $25
Junior Clinic- Sunday at 3:30 - 4:30 (15 or under): $20
Call the proshop for more information
(Min 3 Students per Clinic)

Designed for Beginning Golfers

Give us 5 days and we'll give you FUN for a lifetime.

If you have ever thought about picking up a golf club, either for the first time or returning once again, you can make golf your sport for a lifetime. The Get Golf Ready Program is designed to teach you in five short lessons everything you�™ll need to know to step onto a golf course and get out to play with confidence. Get Golf Ready will be guided by trained PGA and LPGA Professionals who will make sure you have fun each step of the way.

Day 1 - History and background of golf and Intro to Putting
Day 2 - Chipping
Day 3 - Irons
Day 4 - Woods
Day 5 - Play 3 holes
Private Instruction
One on one focus on your individual needs on the practice tee. If your game needs help on the golf course, playing lessons are available as well. To view the Luna Vista Golf Academy Teaching Staff and private instruction rates, click here.'

Group Instruction All Year Long

Beginning Golf-Plus
This is a more in depth program for the beginner golfer going beyond Get Golf Ready.
The student will learn all aspects of the game in this comprehensive overview of the bascis of golf.
Throughout this class the student will learn about how to achieve a fundamentally sound swing and short game. Class size limited to 5 students.

Swing Improvement
This class is for the golfer who has ball flight errors.  The student will learn the swing motion and how to acheive specific positions to attain maximum consistency in solid contact and ball flight direction.  One session will include short game. Class size limited to 5 students.

Womens Clinics
Tuesday mornings 10-11 am
Cost $40.00 class limit is 5 students

Senior Golf Clinics
Wednesday mornings 10-11 am
Cost is $35.00

These one hour clinics help each student with his/her particular swing problems.  We work with each person individually and offer intruction on swing postitions to help the student resolve the problem with his/her shotmaking.  All Skill levels welcome.
The third session of the month will focus on Chipping, Putting and Pitching.

Want to introduce your spouse or friends to the game of golf? We can tailor a group instruction program to fit and meet your specific needs.
Luna Vista Club Fitting
When it comes to golf there are so many different components to help your game out.  At the top of that list is proper PGA instruction from a local Professional.  In a close second on that list is having golf clubs that are fit for YOU! Everyone swing�™s the golf club different in their own way, which means “off the rack” standard clubs probably are not right for your swing.  When your golf clubs aren�™t fit exactly for your swing you�™ll tend to make up for it by creating bad habits in your swing to compensate miss hits.    One thing that is consistent with students is their response when asked what they want to improve on? Two answers come out more than any others. 1) I want to hit the ball farther 2) I want to be more consistent.  The goal of our Professional Staff at Luna Vista Golf Course is to provide our customers with the opportunity to take their game to the next level through Professional Instruction and quality club fitting.
Club Fitting Facts
  • Off the rack golf sets are the same price as ordering a custom fit set through a company
  • Custom fit sets usually arrive in 2 weeks once the order has been placed
  • A properly fit Driver WILL add 15 plus yards to your tee shot!!!
  • To increase your Driver yardage to its maximum players must:              
                          Develop a more consistent golf swing
                          Improve their muscle strength and flexibility
                          Get Professionally fit for a Driver
                          (Repeat 1st two bullets on a consistent basis)

Our Fitting Process
1)      Student Interview: This is first because it allows us to see each students habits, the shape of your miss hit shots, and your consistent behavior traits.  Without this knowledge of the student, the instructor will need to spend too much time figuring out the students swing and behavior.
2)      Correct Club Length & Lie:   Players that have clubs to long in length for them are losing distance due to off center contact.  Studies have shown a golf club 1” to long causes approximately 8% loss in distance, when center contact is made.  Improper lie angle on your golf club will affect a player�™s ability to control the direction of their ball flight.  Tests have proven a club lie angle 2 degrees off promotes a ball flight 20ft off target line.  These tests were based off a 6 iron hit 165 yards.  Improper lie angle causes you to compensate for these miss hit shots by changing your swing to straighten the ball flight out.
3)       Shaft Fitting:  The key ingredients to shaft fitting are: club head speed, load of the shaft, and personal feel.  A player�™s club head speed and shaft load can be measured unlike personal feel.  If you have a smooth tempo golf swing a light softer flex shaft is appropriate.  The load of your shaft comes from the amount of flex in your shaft at the start of your down swing.  Personal feel comes from factors such as how the shaft feels in your hands & whether or not you enjoy seeing the ball flight produced by that shaft. 
4)      Grip Selection:  In this part of the process you will be measured for the proper grip size.  Once the right size has been determined you will choose what material type you�™d like (full cord, 1/2 cord or rubber).
5)      Set Selection:  When it comes to set selection in the fitting process it�™s considered a vital part because this is where you determine your iron set up.  There are countless options when it comes to set selection, whether you want 3-pw or 5-sw with lofted fairway metals (hybrids).  The set selection is based off of what fits YOU the best.
6)       Fitting for Wedges:  During this step in the process you will get fit for wedges with the proper amount of bounce for you.  Bounce on a wedge is very important for how the wedge reacts to sand bunker play as well as how it goes into and exits the turf.  Also, having the correct gap between wedges is crucial which will also be covered.
7)      Fitting for a Driver:  A properly fit driver has never been as important as it is today.  It seems like companies now are coming out with the new latest & greatest every few months.  The problem is if the driver isn�™t properly fitted just in length we know you will lose distance due do off center hits.  Launch angle, ball speed, and RPM�™S (back spin) are extremely important to how you hit your drives.  If you get fit properly to a driver that has the right launch angle, ball speed, and RPM�™S you WILL hit your drives 15 plus yards farther!!!